Monday, February 25, 2008

It's official... all with a little help from my friends.

*tapping on the mic* Testing, testing. One. Two. Three. *gulp* Well that's that. Let's just dive right in. YES, this is my first official blog posting. Blogging was suppose to be my New Years Resolution, along with printing out the pictures I take, and learning to crochet. It's now the end of the second month of the new year and this is the first and only resolution attempted thus far...

It's intimidating this blogging thing. Where do you start? I don't have to be nagged by that question any longer. This is where I start. A little inspiration from the best Megan Maddox I know. She requested this post... so, I dedicate this one to you, Sugarsmack.


I've officially turned in my Teacher Work Sample. I dropped it off in a card board box this morning at a random church in Huntsvegas. I won't go in to the misery that came to follow with having to sit through irrelevant speakers talking about how to be a good teacher. The best way I can describe what happened today was if you were to take brain surgeons and have them sit through seven hours of first aid class. *Yes, I am a snob. But I've earned the right to be. I should have been with my second graders. It was a waste of my time... BUT I did get to see the my school peeps. And how I DO love my school friends. They know me in a totally different way than everyone else does. They see me in action teaching and learning and pursuing my career goals. They are a constant source of inspiration.... and balance.


Life can renew for me now. There is nothing to do other than pray that I get at least a TWO on my TWS... in the meantime I plan on enjoying Spring, James, taking new pics, the last week in Second Grade, and planning our big move to B.R.

I can't end my first post without a pic or two... since I have no new pics within the last week, I'll reach into my archives of where I was on this day, the last few years. Fun! Let's see what I find!

Feb 21, 2006
Feb. 25th, 2007
And a week or so ago... 2008!