Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess who comes home tomorrow?

James Neal! My first born. My sweet number one. Our BooBoo.

He took a quick trip to Texas to visit his grandparents- but he should be home tomorrow Gosh! Loving a child is EASY. Missing them is

Things that I love about the stage he is in now:
-His long legs with knobby knees... with little shiny leg hairs on them.
-The way he wants to be a man in all that he does... from axe body wash to kissing me good morning, he wants to be Big.
-The way he still drags his blanket around in the morning as he wakes up.
-Listening to him talk to Marcus about life and man stuff... like raising bebies and grocery shopping.
-His affection for fairy tales about Princes and Princesses and his imagination as he acts them out... always being the Prince.
-This budding since of right and wrong... and how his little heart CAN'T STAND anything that feels wrong. Like Nemo for example: He cries big tender tears when Nemo gets taken from his Daddy. His ability to turn off a show if it challenges what makes him feel safe inside.
-His bedtime prayers... he freelances what he feels in his heart. And most nights, he leaves my heart on the verge of popping.

Oh, James... come home. It's where you belong and we can't hardly breath without you. None of us. We are waiting!

Peace, love, and calls,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello again!

Oh! I know you don't feel it because I certainly haven't shown it... BUT I'm back and I missed you and I feel terrible about being away.

Yes, I do.

BUT trust me when I say that my absence hasn't been because I've lacked things to write about OR that I lacked the desire to write... I've been busy.

BUT, you knew that already. Remember, I warned you? June is my busy month. I saw her coming. I was excited and scared before I ever met her the very first day of the month. But here I am, a little half-way through her with LOTS behind me but MORE left coming.

I've built in some slow time in July- although I keep getting desperate emails begging for summer photoshoots before fall... and you know I can't say 'no' to that. I've got a bebe to bring home! AND endless passion for family portraiture. Every shoot is an adventure and an HONOR. I've yet to drive away from a shoot, without feeling inspired, grateful, hopeful and AMAZED by the amount of love and energy mother's have with their children, husbands, etc. What a beautiful career God has built for me!!! All of that to say: looks like August may have to be my 'slow' month... ha! :)

Speaking of amazing sessions... I have completely many the past few weeks and have many on the books coming up- including a handful of newborns that will be here soonish. Each in their own time... LOTS of bebies coming up for me. Think about it: BEBIES! necked.bendy.miraculous newborns! Enough. I just can't take it. I can't wait to meet these bebe.bumps turned newborns soon. :)

WHICH won't help this pregnancy craving I've been fighting off lately. Oh, I want to be pregnant again. Oh, I'm ready for another youngin'! YES, it's true. But NO! I've got a bebe in Africa waiting for me!!! I can't go off and get pregnant until she is snuggled up safe in our nest... *sigh* Who knew I'd be this type? Oh, but I am... bring me more bebies! :)

WHICH leads me to those tidbits! We are almost there!!! Our goal is getting closer with the adoption and we are looking forward to the end of the year to file our paperwork and get started on the homestudy and such. It.can'! But we are working hard to get her here and it feels so good to focus everyday on the little steps it is taking to get her home. She's NOT here yet. BUT she's a part of each and every day for us... through PRAYER and planning and MORE PRAYER and daydreams (oh, the daydreams). I can't believe this is my life! I can't believe that this dream is nearly a reality. I can't believe how overwhelming God's grace and mercy and LOVE is for me and my heart's desires. It's hard to wrap my brain around all that goodness. Makes me feel yellow inside. :) *And it motivates me to be kind in all I do... and generous... because I'm the receiver of the greatest Love known to Man. It's real and it fills my days up each and every day. I've got to give that away! I've got to...

I'm NOT teaching next week, so I really would love to host a just to prove to you all that my BLOG isn't the red.headed.step.child in my life. :) Even if it's just for fun and for sillies. I'm doing it!

But for now, here are a few images from recent sessions that I'm proud of. Remember if you are interested in some LOVE, email me at OR contact me through my website.

Now, for a little mustard.seed Bounty:

*The last isn't watermarked... I know. It's of my nephew. I was hired to come out and take team pictures, etc. What? mustard.seed action photography!?!? Yeah, nuts. :) Speaking of exciting new genres.... I'm working on something pretty dadgum exciting. Don't want to speak too soon, but is beginning to consider an exciting new avenue of photography! Any guesses? ;)

Okay, I want to update you on my boy.joys soon! But for now, I sleep.
Thanks for loving me even when you click my page to see the same old update for two.weeks.straight!!! I'll do better as my life slows down. I will. I really really will.

Until then,
Peace, love, and Abundance.