Thursday, June 9, 2011

We are all Shipwrecks...

This is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... I've watched it 8, 9, 10 times maybe?  My cheeks, wet, after every viewing. 

It grips me deep inside.

Watch it once to warm up your heart... then watch it once more to explore it's intricacy... then watch it a third time to rejoice in the beauty that is human.ness.  The Solitude of our imperfections.  The Beauty that we have in each other.  The Hope that we have in together.ness. 

Listener "Wooden Heart" from Nathan Corrona on Vimeo.

*view it large if you can...

You can find the lyrics here... just scroll down until you see the name of the song (Wooden Hearts). 
Take a moment to breathe in the words on the page.

Peace, Love, and anchors.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guerilla Optimism

I've been avoiding this topic for a while now... but I just can't anymore.  I can't get this blog topic out of my head or heart lately. These are general observations that keep popping up into my path... example after example, opportunity after opportunity.  So I figured God is trying to tell me something... trying to center my energy as a mother to really grow as a person and harness a great opportunity for my family. 

I feel extremely compelled to work with the boys on is Kindness and the power of their attitude.  I'll be honest, I've begun to avoid facebook and other Internet venues like the plague.  Why?  They just bring me down.... sour my day... open me up to update after update of negativity.  Blah.

What ever happened to being Nice? Being Kind? 

Our words matter. 
Our actions matter. 
We have the ability in every moment to choose to be kind or cruel, patient or demanding, sarcastic or encouraging. 
We have a choice. 

And in those moments, we are teaching our children what it is to be an adult... It's so so important that we model the behavior and attitude that we hope for our children to adopt. 

Maybe it's because I've turned 30... maybe it's just the Mother in me, but I have gotten into a habit of avoiding situations/people that bring me down.  Does that make me selfish?  Having a bad day or being bummed out is one thing- but a constant drip of negative energy/actions/words is far more insidious.  And it sucks the life out of me. 

With facebook right at our fingertips, we embrace the power to declare/mandate/decree/affirm/announce/spew some of the most destructive thoughts to hundreds of people at a time. 

Why are we so centered on ourselves that we don't actually see the personality we are constructing online? 

 I want my boys to be kind. I want them to understand the power of their words. I want them to feel in control of their actions and reactions... because we all have that choice. No circumstance negates us choosing how we react. And I want them to understand that what they say/do will have a ripple affect that touches everyone around them... Oh, the power we hold in our mouths!

We will practice Kindness in our nest this summer.  Real honest exercises in Kindness.... because God help me if my kids become snarky, self absorbed, whiney, cynical grown men.  omg, did I just say that on my blog?

We've got to be kind again...
We've got to get back into a pattern of encouragement.
We've got to understand that our words are powerful.

Our children deserve it.

We leave an impression with every.single.person we touch... What will mine be? What will your's be?

Peace, love, and the honest.truth,