Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Texas Sized Weekend

Indeed it was. The weekend went entirely too fast! So Friday the inlaws kept Beaux Jack which allowed Marcus to treat me to a really nice dinner at Taste of Texas. It's been years since we've been there. It's a cool place... certainly worth the trip for us. The place is charming and the food is exceptional. I love the attention to detail in the landscaping to the table scaping. Our appetizers were crab stuffed mushrooms and baked brie, crackers and fresh fruit (my fav). Marcus ordered the 10oz. fillet and a baked potato and I ordered the prime rib with sauteed spinach and a side of crab cake. It was fantastic! We ended the night with the 'slice of heaven' which is half chocolate mousse, half white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache with a raspberry garnish... oh and cinnamon coffee! *delish* We planned on seeing a movie- but the times didn't work out and we had an early morning planned!

So Sat. am we woke up bright and early to get to Senate District 4's Democratic Convention. Remember, after the primary election caucus, I was elected by my precint to serve as a delegate for Barack Obama and Marcus was an alternate delegate. There were tons of people and it took FOREVER! But the process is really incredible. I learned a lot. Politics is cool. Of our 14 delegates (8 for Obama and 6 for Clinton) only two Clinton delegates showed up. Not like it mattered, after our second caucus, Obama won our one delegate to the State convention. Texas will be sending 4 delegates to the National Convention... Things got a bit dicey with the Hillary supporters throughout the day, but it all settled down eventually.

I scored those stickers from another supporter... I was so happy to have them! Yea for nice people!

Okay, this pic isn't good- BUT I promise this woman looked JUST LIKE Hillary Clinton! No joke. I mean, she was a good 40 pounds heavier... I wish I would have had the guts to ask to take a picture with her. *chicken* Adam even 'double dog dared me.'

This is the pic of our precinct delegates- minus the Hillary 'no shows.' They are the coolest people in the Livable Forest for sure!

*and my fav. pic of the day...

See the excited faces? At around 4:45pm we received our permanent credentials which allowed everyone to complete their vote and select our delegate for the State Convention... we were to have done our part and be able to finally leave!!! We don't regret a second, though. This election is sooo worth it.

Then we were off to pick up Beaux Jack and enjoyed our favorite dinner of beef fajitas at Lupe Tortilla! We were at the convention for 8am- and didn't get out until 4:45pm! We were starving!!! Plus we were crazy to see James. It's nice that our inlaws will keep him, BUT it's torture to be away from him.

Today, we made up for the lost time by cooking James his favorite breakfast (pancakes). I cleaned house while he napped... which was SO NICE! With student teaching being such a mess, I can't tell you how bad my housekeeping has slacked. BUT today was my day to really get things back in gear. Then after Beaux Jack's nap, we went to the mall to let him pick out a pair of Crocs and do a little shopping at the bebe GAP. Then we grabbed some Jason's Deli and headed back to the house! *WHAT A DAY*

How cute are they!? He has a few new gibits added to last years...

*my little Rocket Racer*


*hot doggin' it!*

Now, off to a new week. I'm really looking forward to this student teaching placement to end. It's really fizzling out to be a bad situation. Pray that I can just get through it! Only 24 more days!!!

This post wasn't especially snazzy- but the pics are pretty cute!

Peace. xo

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Spring Spawn...

Hi all! Happy belated Easter! This post will be brief- because my day with the seventh graders was a touch exhausting... but I have a few pics to share of our week/end trip home to BR. We had a nice time looking for houses and dreaming about what our life may be like when we move back to Baton Rouge. I know most of you are hungry for details--- and I'll give them to you in the coming week. I'll even post pics of our fav. houses. I still don't think we have found our 'slam dunk' house yet. Did you catch that March Madness reference? But as far as places our list as of now seems to be 1. Zachary 2. South Baton Rouge 3. Central

I will be uploading pics from our Easter Sunday- can you believe I downloaded 729 pics taken in the span of about 6 hours!?! It will take me the next few days to tinker with my favs.... Oh, and let me say that it looks like I'm updating my post processing to support the professional version of Adobe Photoshop. *yippee*

The following pics were taken at my sister's house. Daddy supplied a slew of crawfish and crickets... the crawfish to eat and the crickets to fish with. There isn't much behind Carlie's house in the lake- but we had fun perch jerkin' and pullin' out some mud cats. Marcus played ball with the kids for what seemed like hours... it was a good day. Oh, and let these pics confirm any rumors that James Neal is, in fact, a mud bug. More incriminating evidence will follow soon.



Monday, March 17, 2008

Our weekend...

In pictures!

First lets recap Tate's Three Year Old Birthday Jamboree!


Then on to the rodeo!

As for other news: There is no ignoring James' serious desire to potty train himself. No matter how hard I try to convince him to wait until summer, he's ready to go. SO he's got his very own big boy potty now. And if I can tastfully pull it off- there will be pics to show for it.

Now... I'll post our St. Patty's pics soon! *Oh and we will be heading East for Easter. I sure hope Daddy has some crawfish waiting for us... and I hope Momma has some pink sauce and saltines ready. ;)
Peace. xo