Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricked and Treated

Yes, two nights in a row certainly gave us ample opportunity to score some confections and take the world by storm with Beaux Jack's overwhelming cuteness.

Just a quick post to warn everyone of a couple things:
1.) Pictures of King Leonidas of Sparta are coming soon... tomorrow, for sure. So, my advice is to look at pictures of puppies, bebe chicks, ducklings, and other cute things now... bc if you look at James' pictures cold, you'll go into adora.shock. Seriously. Consider yourselves warned.
2.) The inlaws are here... so, the hosting begins.
3.) My kid was the cutest, most polite, and well spoken kid trick.or.treating tonight... So much so that I can hardly believe he's mine.

*I'll tell our spooky tales tomorrow. It's an early morning for me... teaching!

Happy Halloween, friends... and enemies. *OOOoooohhhhh haha*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're back....

and better than ever!

We had a beautiful time on our trip. Thanks for all the sweet comments, calls, and emails. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to get away and reconnect. So much of our lives revolve around our family, that sometimes we forget to nurture ourselves as individuals and a couple. That being said, for every perfect moment in the mountains we had, we lamented James not being their with us to experience it. He's more than a kid... he's an extension of us that brings us ultimate joy and validation. It helps that he's a *kick* to be around. We hope to travel back to Appalachia next year with him and chunky.whitty to do it all again as a family.

The leaves were gorgeous. The rocks and elevation are so 'exotic' to this wetland girl. We stayed off the beaten path, for the most part, and took lots of pictures. Yes, I'll post them soon. I'm thinking a sort of post to share the pics.

But for now, I'm hitting the ground running finishing James' costume for trick.or.treating tomorrow night and Friday... plus, we had an unexpected call from the in.laws wanting to come in and stay with us this weekend. The next two days of costume making, cleaning, birthday party planning for the inlaws, general hosting guest delima may undo the respite I gained in Tennessee... BUT, in moderation, I should be able to keep every one happy while not killing myself in the process.

I can't wait to share my pictures and stories. I'll try my best to have some pics up soon.

Oh, and as for chunky.whitty.numero.two, he/she is growing. My belly is starting to be fairly obvious and I'm in maternity clothes now. Did a little shopping last week. I'll be fourteen weeks this Sunday... things are moving along. Oh, and the best part is I can feel the bebe move now. Little flutters from deep within. It's just as magical the second time. I can't imagine a better feeling.

Stay tuned for more, friends.
Oh, and get ready to vote! The election will be here soon, thank goodness.
Barack Obama is the one, yall. He's got the plan, the passion, and the intellect to move us forward and secure the future for our children. I'm certain of it. If you are undecided, please let me tell you specifically why I believe he is the best choice. AND if you have a different opinion, that's okay too. I like people who aren't exactly like me... gives me a new perspective on things.

Peace, love and love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is me... five years ago. Before becoming a mother. Before becoming a college graduate. Before owning a house.

Sunday, October 26th... I got married.

The wedding was beautiful.

We planned each detail to suit us... paid for the wedding ourselves.

Marcus had been in Iraq for 5 months before the wedding... then he went back after the honeymoon for another 7 months...

It was a good start to something we work hard at... I'm glad to have him. I'm glad to have his son. I'm blessed to have another bebe to meet and introduce to our tiny family of three.

I'm so happy to be here... with him... them. I've been given so much.

On a whim... a total whim, we decided to throw our things in a bag and head to the mountains to see the leaves changing. We honeymooned in the mountains and had a beautiful time. I'm a woodsy girl, and there isn't a place I'd rather be than beside a stream, under a canopy of hardwood leaves in all their autumn glory. So, we are off on a mini.honeymoon again. I can't wait.

On our honeymoon...

I can't wait for the pictures we are going to grab! I'm a bit nervous about leaving Beaux Jack while we are gone... we've never been gone more than a night. BUT mind over matter. We need this trip. AND James couldn't be in better hands. So... lets do this.

Peace and love,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The weather, the oaks, and my boys...

This weekend was lovely. I really needed it. Last week I went a little stir crazy with my newly SAHM status... There is no place I'd rather be than tending my own son in the best way I can, however, it's hard on me as an individual. I'm developing a handful of things/ways to help me maximize my new role so that I can be fulfilled as an individual while stimulating James and his nature as he grows. BUT the weekend was good to me.

I started a new class this Saturday. It's a good group of kids... and they always energize me. LSU won their game this weekend which made everyone happy. It was the first game in a while that we didn't entertain family/friends... it was so nice to have the bebe asleep, cuddled up on the couch without the pressures of hosting.

OH, and the weather... splendid. We've had the AC off for two whole days now... our big windows open... you can hear the killdeers outside by the lake and occasionally you can hear the cows in the far field. It's lovely. A break from the oppressive sticky heat really reminds me how primal we really are... like animals, totally energized by cool, crisp weather.

Today we went to the Oak Alley Plantation Craft Festival... I was suppose to call Sugarbutt on our way out... but I forgot my cell phone at home. By the time I realized it, we were nearly to Gonzales. *Sorry* Sugar. We had a great time. I scored some cool local art for the house and picked up a few Christmas presents, too. James rode a pony and petted his heart out at the petting zoo. They even had bebe chicks!!! I love chickens so much. I'd love to have a house where I can have chickens and gather my own fresh eggs. My grandparents had a small farm... so chickens bring back the best memories of my childhood. Yes, I only buy cage free/range eggs... chicken broth and poultry. Period. I don't care if it's more expensive. It matters to me.

We picnicked under an oak in front of the main house... I had eggplant w/crawfish sauce, Hotness had jambalaya, and Beaux Jack tore up some Seafood Pasta. It always tickles me how well James eats. He's two but he eats real food... won't touch chicken nuggets or other fried kiddy foods. I wonder if it's just his nature, or if it's because he's never really eaten anything other than the food we eat? I made his bebe food... then he went to our table foods... maybe that has something to do with it. The lawn was dappled in sun.shadows from the sprawling tree branches. We ate, then relaxed on the grass a while on the lawn while James ran and gathered sticks. Then it was off to gather up our loot at the various booths, and kettle corn and pralines on our way to the car. Just the refreshing activity that I needed.

Here are some of the pics we snapped today. James loves animals so much... he's so calm, gentle, and loving. I know he's my kid- but I'm positive that he is the very sweetest child I know.

This elderly gentleman was so sweet... I asked him if I could take a pic of his peanut roaster. It was so old and beautiful! It was manufactured in 1887! Cooool.

That's all for tonight. I'm gearing up for a big week. I'm making James' halloween costume, hosting an engagement party with my sister, and preparing for our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. It's going to be madness.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Utterly and Completely...

exhausted, happy, inspired, and pregnant.

That's right... a lot of *feeling* words. Which basically means that it is safe to say that I am no longer miserable from bebe.nausea. I actually have 'feelings' again- other than wishing I was a bird, so I can fly fah, fah fah 'way from here. The Green kicked my butt but that's all in the past.

I kept my three nieces and nephews this weekend while my sister was in Gulf Shores. They are the greatest kids ever! James acted like he was at DisneyWorld the whole time they were here. Honestly, James by himself makes me giggly with lovely feelings- but James with his cousins elevate his cuteness to a whole new stratosphere.... and consequently, I get dizzy with delight. We all had a blast... which launched me into the 'exhausted' part of the feelings. We cooked dinner and had the fam over for the LSU football game... I cooked game fare: chips/dips, chili, broccoli (preggers craving for moi and chunky.whitty), and sour cream apple pie. Sugarbutt, David, and the god.bebe dropped by for a football visit, too. It was such a nice night.

Oh, 'inspired.' Yes! I totally rocked some mini-landscaping in the front... made some changes that I have been meaning to make for a while, AND I did a little home.and.hearth.harvest thing around the house! I made two wreaths for my front doors, added some fallish touches inside the casa. Which led me to the pics in this post. I wanted to wait to take pics in the daytime- but it's usually at night when I post... so I thought, 'why wait another day just for light???' So, in Hotness' pj pants and an old nursing top- I busted out in my front yard at night with the camera to take a few night.time pics! Why not? I even brought the tripod out to get some clear shots and to add to the freak.factor when my neighbors drove by. *pics to follow below*

Now, on to the pregnant part. Yes, I am indeed pregnant. I went to my dr. visit today... everything is going well. Another week to get out of my first trimester! *whotWHOT* I'm eating again. I have a few minor cravings. So far: clausen pickles, broccoli, cranberry juice, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and mini-wheats. My bebe belly is definitely here. Well at least the bottom of the belly is... you know, the bottom is totally 'hey, I'm preggers!' But then the top is more like 'I'm not preggers, I'm just thick.' So I favor the bottom of the belly- and I give the top eyes. I still have YET to buy any maternity bottoms... which means I have exactly three things to wear. So shopping for me, soon. I'm actually excited again about this pregnancy. The dr. wants to schedule the gender ultrasound in 5 weeks!!! What?! I thought i had to wait until 20 weeks.

So, things are good! You?
Ignore Hotness' truck in front... his spot in the garage is still full of Gustav sandbags AND I didn't have the heart to make him move it for this shot.

Peace and love,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle...

Sorry for the delay in posting... I will admit, though, that I loved the bully emails and comments about putting up a new post. Made me feel special and there are times when it's nice to be bossed around. ;) There were a hundred times this week I had planned to post... blogs written in my mind while I was washing dishes or driving in the car. But, you know how that goes.

This week was the best one for me in a while. The Hotness was gone on business (and NO, that's not why the week was good). I had an *almost* vomit free week! That's right, I think I may be turning the corner with this pregnancy. *knocking on stacks of lumber.* But with MarcusHotness being gone, my single mother instincts had to kick in. Feeling a little better, we enjoyed spending time together this week. James is such a little dear. He's kinder than I ever would have imagined him to be... he's funny... and he loves me so sincerely. Our time together means so much to me. I'm grateful to be able to be home with him.

We got out this week for some lunch dates, runs to the local nurseries to pick out some fall plants, and some shopping sprees to Target. The weather was so cool, dry, and nice. We were like little squirrels digging outside getting our patio ready for crisp fall nights.

*On a rather dreadful note, I'm having some wisdom teeth issues. Pregnancy, for whatever reason, makes my teeth shift and do crazy things.... like those impacted wisdom teeth that the dentist swears will NEVER surface, actually decide to make their destructive appearance. So, I feel like I've been in a bar fight- and came out on the losing end. Can I have my wisdom teeth out while preggers? I mean... how can that happen? I'm making an appointment this week. So please pray that these buggers will just leave me be until chunky.whitty gets here. The last thing I want is to go through that surgery again!!! But then again, I can't go on like this anymore either.

Here are a few random pics from Lola--- some taken on the road back from Texas, other were taken this week.

Okay, so we were off to Naylors when I drove past the familiar lawn art store... That's when I spotted him! Jesus shooting a cannon! I'm sure this is just an optical illusion... but it was so bazaar that I had to grab the cell camera. Plain eerie!

James has exerted his independence to dress himself. Well, sort of. We negotiate to let me dress him- and he can pick his hat out. And yall all know that he's an avid hat collector... so he grabbed this bucket hat that he wore when he was 18months... totally doesn't fit- or match. But he was sure that THIS hat was the hat for the day. Who knew we'd find a coy pond? Maybe he knew all along.

His Aunt Carlie had given Beaux $4 to spend on his shopping trip... he found this fantastic wooden snake at Naylors for $2.99! And after a grocery trip on the way home, he scored some mini M&M's with his last buck.

Can you spot the mini-rainbow? God's covenant to Noah! Always so special.

I hope to start making James' Halloween costume this week... it's gonna be great. I can see it now! And we may make a trip up to Poverty Point to fish a bit this week. It's been a while since I've been fishing- and James is dying to go fishing in the boat. So that's all for now.

Thanks for commenting and emailing even though I've been such a neglectful blogger! I'll do better!

Peace & Love!