Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I've got exactly 16 minutes to blog before my lemon squares start calling me from the oven! I doubt I can stick to that time.limit...

Thank you all *so.much* for your kind comments and emails. I.was.just.floored with all the response! The best part was when I looked at each comment/commentor and those that sent email well.wishes, it was astounding how each person added something new to encourage me. I have the best readers and the very best friends. Thank you thank you. TheHotness even got in on the fun... he was keeping an eye on things from work. We've printed out the post and each comment and email. Each of you that sent your love... those who have and will continue to follow us in this process, are a part of our daughter's story. One day, I'll show her where her journey began... and you will be there. From the bottom of my mother's heart, thank you.

I will be putting together an adoption blog here in the coming weeks for me to record our process... I'll keep yall posted! Yipee! *Gots so much more to say---

but remember the lemon squares? Yeah, let me get on with it.

Here are a few pics I'm anxious to post today! Happy Halloween!
I love celebrating little things with my boys. I love James' nature to just dive into things and have fun... These pics were taken last night as we carved up our pumpkin. I'll be back laters to reveal our extra special costumes and our fun.festivities.


Okay, got to grab those squares...

Peace, love, and pumpkin.seeds.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

You've got to start somewhere!

My original plan was to keep this under wraps for the better part of a year. I mean, lots can happen in a year. However, this weekend has really been amazing... and I'm beginning to think that this isn't as intimidating as I thought it was just six weeks ago.

I've re.worked our game plan and have decided to share this tid.bit here as I play with the pencils. Why?

1. The more I mention it to friends and family, the more really valuable information comes our way. And y'all knowing me like you do- I'm the research queen. I eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! :) The more I run my mouth, the more valuable help we are receiving!

2. Google searching can only bring us so far- this process needs a personal touch. I need to network with other families who have been where we are right now... to encourage us on this journey.

3. I covet your prayers!!! (!!!)

4. I can't keep a secret to save my life. Especially when it means this much to me. :)

***To many many of you- this will not be 'news' to you.

Here goes:
For the next handful of months, Marcus and I are committing ourselves through prayer to seek God's will in our lives to pursue International Adoption. !!! Right? :)


*It has always been an embraced idea when we considered the anatomy of our family.
*Those of you that knew me as a girl, know it has always been a part of my heart.
*With the birth of Jackson, God has transformed our view on family. Raising our boys makes us crazy happy... even in the toughest times, we are just short of delirious. Well, basically. :) Our love is big... there is more to our family. We can feel it.
*Jackson has shown us that our family is definitely bigger than two.
*All children are gifts from God. All of them. God willing, I plan on mothering the mother.less.

(there are at least a hundred other reasons... but you get the drift.)


Well, right now, we are prayerfully seeking God's will in this. Just in the past three days, 3 new 'doors' have been open to us in this process. No suprise there, right? We plan on enjoying Jackson's first year on this planet without the 'urgency' of navigating the paper.trail. During that time, we plan on continuing our networking, education, planning, and praying. God willing, that will bring us to officially applying this time next year, give or take.

The basics?
As of now, we are considering Ethiopia and Taiwan. But we are still open to educating ourselves about all the options...

No Hands But Ours

So that's that!

***If you yourself have navigated the adoption process to bring your child home, please let me know. If you know someone you can 'link' me up to that has built their families through adoption, please let me know. PLEASE! If anything is clear so far- this takes TIME... a true test of patience. My profile will lead you to my email address, or just comment here. *Thanks in advance.

*And for my friends who have spoken up with support and advice, thank you SO much. Y'all give me so much courage. :)

Peace, love, and Journeys.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have you noticed...

...that the best season of all is here?

Of course you have!


Peace, love, and nutmeg.

Monday, October 19, 2009

...All is Love...

Hello friends!

We are back from our little sweethearts.getaway. It truly takes parents of two to really make the most of such a quick trip! We weren't gone long, but we savored every minute together. We celebrated how far we have come, solidified where we are going, and really evaluated in what ways we could grow our marriage for ourselves and our boys.

We both have admitted that something is going on with us... in our lives... in our marriage. God has gripped our hearts and is growing us in ways we hadn't expected. I had been feeling it... and he has too. It was so nice to come together, join hearts, and open ourselves up to the opportunities we feel led to explore. I know this sounds cryptic. My apologies. But God has good things in store for us and our little family... and in His proper time, all will be revealed. But for now, we are praying, seeking, and resting in His guidance.

As I've always said, *October is for lovers.* I feel soaked through with love and abundance! As a couple, we've been given more than our fair share and are exploring all the possibilities on how to share that Plenty with others. All signs are pointing to stepping outside our comfort zone and making a difference in the name of Love. I'm so excited about embracing our future and prayerfully stepping out in Faith trusting that all will work together for the good according to His purpose...

I want to share this song with you. For me, it is the Ultimate.Love.Song. It leaves me wrecked and dizzy. How humbling it is to be His beloved.

*I'll be posting pics from the concert soon.ish!

Til then,

Peace, love, and ShowHope.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, please.

I'm crazy excited about a little.teeny.tiny.thing that's coming up for me and theHotness.

See, at the end of this month, we will be celebrating our 6th wedding anny. And to be perfectly honest, I love piling up these years together. We are just shy of it being a decade since we first started dating!

I plan on professing my ridiculous love and affection for this boy soon.ish. But for now, the immediate plans:

He surprised me with tickets to the new U2 tour around... my birthday? Or something like that. This will be my second time to see them in concert-- I was very pregnant with James and was on the last time. After much begging, my doctor allowed me to go... I jumped, danced, screamed like a crazed.teenager... except a knocked up one who contracted the whole time. It was great. I can't wait to experience it again. The concert is this Wednesday night!

I fell in love with their music in the sixth grade. While my daddy spoon fed me Cat Stevens and The Beatles, Danyelle was fast at work rocking my world with The Indigo Girls and U2. All that messy right.of.passage.teenangst.stuff worked out through brilliant music. I can remember waking up at 3:30am to listen to U2's Live in Sarajevo concert. I detached my stereo speakers and pulled then under the covers with me. You could here bombs going off in the background behind the music. Powerful. And then came the activism...

Now? I'm married to theHotness. He's what dreams are made of and deep into the business of spoiling his little.wife. :) To sweeten this deal, he surprised me by booking us a suite at Hotel Derek there in Houston. I've always wanted to stay there. SUCH a treat for me.

We plan on eating at a Tapas Restaurant before the concert... then maybe martinis afterward. We'll see. Either way, I hope we come home to a view of Houston's beautiful skyline lit up against an inky Black. *Magics*

We are so tickled to be getting away. I plan on flirting and soaking up all his attention... :) So here's to an early little anniversary rendezvous!

Peace, love, and The Edge.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Haste...

I'm heading out to Houston for a quick trip in the morning! TheHotness has a little work ditty, and we are tagging along for the ride. Who am I kidding? I've got my agenda set! I can't wait to get to Kingwood to see my girls... !!! There are lots of reasons why being a SAHM rocks... and tag.along trips mid.week certainly are one of them! We will be in Houston two days this week, two days next week, then a full week in November!

Now, on to my current obsessions:
1. moss... in particular, reindeer.
2. fall clothes for the boys
3. carnivorous plants
4. sewing James' and Jax halloween costume. Could it be their best yet???
5. planning James' birthday... perhaps one that tops the Gingerbread Party?
6. sewing recycled and upcycled goodies
7. Christmas budgeting
8. nutella
9. encouragement
10. bright green and mustard yellow and white and olive


Jackson said 'Momma' yesterday!!! My smart, sweet, loyal

James cut his hair last week. I should do a post specifically about it. I'll share a iPhone pic, now. He trimmed from his widow's peak straight down the center about six inches deep. Secretly, he looks adorable. BUT being the good momma that I am, we've really been evaluating making good choices and having self control! ;)

I've been teaching one night class a week! I love it.

My parents were gone to Cali for two weeks helping my sister move. They came home yesterday! We've missed them so. They brought the boys back matching silk.chinese.night.nights. You'll see a few pics below. So super cute. I'll have to get 'real' shots of them soon.

Okay, here are a few pics of our lives lately. Things are excellent. I'm so blessed to be living this life. Perhaps it's the season... or the season magnifying the obvious, but I just feel like my life is so full of exceptional people and beautiful experiences. I'm so glad that I'm present enough to take note of it all.

Here are a few iphone pics taken over the past couple of weeks. For me, happiness is hidden in the smallest places.
Me with foils in my hair, mid.highlight with my favorite Duke.

James' haircup! *It happened on his daddy's watch, mind you!

The tiniest Chinaman! Silk pj's from Chinatown in SanFrancisco...


One of my classes. Presh!

We've been getting out a good bit on the weekends to have our special family dates... these times are so special to me!

So how's that for schmorgesborg? :)

Now, time to ready myself for Houston! I'll update when we get back!

Peace, love, and Oolong.