Sunday, August 31, 2008

*My Home*

I know this life is a journey. I'm told, and ultimately I believe, that this place is not my home... But God put me here on this Earth with a plan in mind for me. My life, God's plan for this child, began here in Louisiana.

I love it here. I love the green that grows out of the cracks in the concrete. I love the music found in the accents of it's people. I love the water that pulses through this land. I love the people. Those people that look like my grandparents... those that look nothing like me at all... we all share something common. We love. Big. There is no such thing as being a 'stranger' here. And I love that. It's the idea that everyone is home in Louisiana.

God put me here, with water rushing around my ankles and a cane pole in my hand pulling crawfish traps from the warm levee waters... in cutoff jeans, eyes peeled for snake. I'm here pulling in brim the size of dinner plates. I'm in Tiger Stadium holding my breath for the band. I'm gathered around the dinner table hoping the tartar sauce doesn't run out before it gets to me... Daddy's fried fish... blackberry's off the fence line... Bacchus in Jackson Square... snowballs at Megan's Snowballs and last minute runs to the Sureway... getting bait at Bridgeside.

So another storm is threatening the place that I love... the people that live here. I'm most worried about Grand Isle and New Orleans. Both places I love.

Grand Isle is my geographic center. Something about that place, those people, that water makes me feel most at home. Because I grew up in a fishing family- which means we fish more than we do anything else, 'cept go to church- we practically grew up on that island. Golden Meadow, Fourchon, Grand Isle...

The storm could cause storm surges up to 25 feet of water... devastating to a place I love most. The news keeps covering the preparation and evacuation of the island and I can hardly take the 'what ifs.'

Here are some images from last summer:

New Orleans... my other place. I can't bear to see it under water again. We need New Orleans. Here are a few pics from last fall.

*We are prepared, sandbags, food, water, batteries, etc... I feel prepared. The state seems prepared. No replay of Katrina- as far as the State readiness and responsiveness goes... I still need a hard wire phone. We only have cordless. Carlie and Wes have a Hannah Montana phone... I hope we can secure a phone before tomorrow. BUT for now, I think we are okay. Marcus is taking down James' play structure in the back... and I've been cooking up goodies for our hurricaning.

That's it... I've got breakfast to fix for my boys. I'll leave you with a powerful song from one of the most talented singer/songwriters I know... Marc Cohn.

Love and Peace, xo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Things that get me ALL Fired Up!

Whew! What a day!!!

Gustav has officially has gotten the best of me, and it's still days away. Today was nuts... First, let me remind you that we hosted MarcusHotness' parents last night. They are 'easy' guest, but those of you who know me well- you understand that I want thing to be 'just right'... so I just about everything. However, I did NO cooking- we ate dinner out last night at Sammy's... and had Prejean's gumbo for lunch. So, that helped with the pressure a good bit.

Guess where I was last night??? That's right! I was hand in hand with the Hotness on the couch, watching one of the most historic moments of my lifetime... Barack accepted the Democratic nomination for President. His speech was poignant, beautiful, and tough. I've found my Roosevelt... I've found my Kennedy... I've found my Huey/Earl Long. This is real... change is coming. Progress.

His campaign has been TOTALLY FUNDED BY THE PEOPLE... no lobbyist.... NO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS... every penny has come from people who believe that he has a plan to help our parents, help our children, and heal our nation. He's running for US, no one else. *If you want to see how much it cost to run for president, go here.


The in laws brought James to see Mike the Tiger this morning, so we could get our rat.killin done around town. I was able to score a cute little ditty for the BIG GAME tomorrow... grab some kicks for me and the boy... and other GAME DAY essentials.

People were out in force both preparing for the game and Gustav. They moved the game up to 10am!!! What about the tailgating????? *sob* I suppose that just means we can get out of the stadium and start the hurricane parties early. Mandatory evacuation of New Orleans may begin tomorrow at 5pm... That means CONTRAFLOW. So glad I'm not making the trek back to Kingwood!!!

Finally, we were able to get to the store and get our food and things for the hurricane. I'm going to bake/cook up some yummies tomorrow night for my boys, then we will lay low and ride the storm out.

***I can't wait for James' first official game in Tiger Stadium!!! I'll take lots of pics. He's so excited.

I'll try to update before the storm hits.

*pray for the people of this Great.State and those who will face Gustav*

Peace, xo.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three LSU Tickets for Sale!!!

So, with that bully of a hurricane barreling down on us, my bff and her boys decided to post pone their trip. Sooooo that leaves their 3 tickets open for purchase! The seats are down low near/in the South I'll ask MarcusHotness for more specific location if you'd like.

This is the perfect game to take your child/ or a cousin to since it's a day game! That was our plan anyway.

We paid $45 a ticket. We will also throw in three tickets to the private tailgate (1-3)being held in the Maravich Assembly Center... the band will march in and perform a show from 2-2:45pm... so that's an additional $35 value. Again, perfect for young kids...

Comment to me if you are interested!

Peace, xo.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not Now Gustav....

So now that we are back home in Baton Rouge, it's time to gear up for our first hurricane... it's a way of life here. But this Gustav couldn't have picked a worse time to come. My Moonbeam and her two boys are/were heading our way for a *LaborDay.TigerFootball.BirthdayExtravaganza.WhittyDugan.Spectacular.*

Although I love being home, here in our new house, I underestimated how much I'd miss my Erica, Tater, and Chris. My Dugan.Reserve is sooo low now, that I'm not sure if I can bear to postpone our trip by a couple weekends or not. All I want is to snuggle on the couch, with my head on her shoulder, under Down and watch our boys do magical things together as they play three feet from us. I miss Tate milling around me only to stop and say, 'Linsey?' Yes, bebe? 'I love you.' *sigh* Makes me swoon. And James loves Erica so much... he's got sugar built up from the past two weeks of not seeing her. Oh, and Chris... he makes me laugh. He gets me, and I love him for that. Plus he's the most incredible daddy... so that pretty much makes me adore the ground the walks on. And Marcus misses his friend, too.

SO... GUSTAV!? Back off! They suspect it to enter the Gulf a bit earlier than expected... there is talk in Baton Rouge of starting Contraflow as early as Saturday... The storm is expected to make landfall near Grand Isle Monday morning... and could be a category three hurricane. *Yuck* My plans won't be the only ones dampened. Dadgummit.

All of this to vent... and we should start gearing up for a hurricane.

*As with all these dreaded storms, keep those in it's path un your prayers... Haiti, Cuba, and then the Gulf Coast*

Peace, Gustav, PEACE!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*The Original Obama.Momma*

I'm glad to be one, too.

Here is her speech... it's not what you think... it's easy to watch and grips you from the first word... Seriously. Watch it, and tell me how DIFFERENT this message is in comparison to the usual politcal spill we've come accustomed to.

Even if you are a McCain supporter- that's swell, but take a look... it may make your day. It did mine.

Yall, the tide is turning. I'm proud to be an American.

Peace, xo.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Moving Monday Night... and weekend pics!


My plan was to listen to Michelle Obama's speech tonight then post my pics from our weekend... but I'm so on fire, all I want to talk about is the change that is coming for our country, our parent's security and health care, our children's future and success in school, where college is not a privilege but a right guaranteed to all Americans...

I asked MarcusHotness as we snuggled to watch it how people could actually have such deep seated opposition to Barack or his family? How is that possible? When I see him and his family, I am reminded of my own family. He sounds like my dad. His spirit, his intellect, his passion for his wife, children, and the collective future of his family. His dream of change, and the steps that it takes to get there... all themes that I was soaked in while growing up. Michelle's speech tonight gripped me from the first word--- I've never heard another woman speak with such enthusiasm and passion while being totally transparent to who she is and what she wants for herself, her husband, her children, and this country. She reminds me of my mother... her grace, her poise, her ability to make you understand her heart through the words that she strings together.

I will post a link to her speech when the video becomes available... I'm telling you. Watch it, and tell me what you think.

Am I crazy or is this the first campaign where the candidates actually look and sound like us- the average American citizen? There is momentum in Barack Obama... momentum to bind us together by illuminating what is similar between us all, while respecting and valuing what makes us different--- even when we don't agree. I believe in this man. I believe their desire to act out of hope is more positive and powerful than others ability to act out of fear. I hope, i hope, I HOPE James will have the benefit of seeing this man become President of the United Stated of America... can you imagine how big he could dream if this moment becomes a part of his history?

*If you are still undecided about the Presidential election- take the time to look at both candidates... the facts are at your fingertips! Google search their issues... or just stay tuned to the upcoming debates. Your vote is the most important duty we have to the security of our nation. If our countrymen can fight and die to insure our freedom, then we must exercise our right to vote! Especially us ladies!!! Too many woman paved the way for us to have this right... We must raise our voice!

Yes, Sugarbutt, you can comment how this is deep stuff... and you are totally right! :o) But I'm so flippin dedicated to knowing who I am, and who I want to be in this world I live in... and with that being my driving motive, often times I end up defining myself through some pretty deep stuff... and I like that. It's me. And that's okay if it makes me different. And I LOVE IT when my friends ask me about this stuff... it shows that they are interested in me- even if my interest don't interest them. *communication* Turns you on, doesn't it?

So, here are my weekend pics...
I spent Sat. with my Sugarbutt and her tiny family (as in comparison to my gigantoid family). We met for a Lebanese lunch, then let the boys play at home while we scooted over to a Junque/Antiques shop... I scored a few ugly things that I couldn't live without!!!! Then we headed home for more outside time eating crabs until we could bust... I can eat my weight in crabs... but she so smoked me. I feel weak. Sunday was a beautifully dreary day with remnants of TS Fay drenching our little house. We slept, lounged, and unpacked the rest of the boxes! So, my weekend was beautiful. ***I'm gearing up to the most fantastical weekend ever****My Moonbeam and her boys are coming to stay with me for days and days and days! I'll share more on that soon.

Now for the pictorial evidence:
The 'guts' of the fruit crumble that bubbled along in the oven...

The Big boys at the lake playing with their new remote control boat from PawPaw!

Look at her geaux!!! Thanks PawPaw, this R*O*C*K*S!!!

It's crazy how well James can 'drive' the boat!!! A little bit

Sugarbutt and her bebe boy... I see a two year old!!!

On our way Junque.n without our boys!

A sunshine.shower! These are always sooo bazaar!

Refreshing Lemon Drops to perk us up and cool us off... *Get ready Moonbeam, you'll have as many as you like!

Moonbeam by mail... *love*

Time to dig in....

You eye.ballin me!?

And that's a wrap!

***Off to clean up for our
*Dugan.Whitty.Tiger. Birthday.Love.Lousiana.Spectacular.Spectacular*

Peace, xo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on the *GGH*

Thanks so much for the sweet emails about the Great Grass Hunt. It was neat how they triggered such nice memories for so many people. I totally am loving the feedback that this blog is beginning to give me. Communication... it's such a rad thing. I love the comments and emails from my peeps... and even strangers that have happened upon me. So, thanks!

Today I fell into my niche experimenting with some new masks, layers, colors, etc with the remainder of the Grass Hunt Pics... I like the result so much, that I may go and re-edit the previous few. Very 300.esque/Gladiator. I also fell in love with the narrow crop that I played with... it provides a whole new feel for viewing the scene.

I've never shot under these lighting conditions, so it was a total experiment for me... The results were something new and fresh for my eyes, so I feel inspired to dive back into my photog journey.

Anywho, here are a few more of my favorites... Please provide feedback for me if you see something you like or don't like--- I love to read about other bloggers passions... especially you shutterbugs.


Guess what? Big boy bed is here, dressed, and currently on duty holding one BigBoy safely and snugly between new quilts. I have very little of my bebe left...

I think we may get out of the house tomorrow to see something new... Maybe the new Christmas stuff at HobLob... or a plant nursery... the fruit stand... Whole Foods... something.

Peace, xo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Space Between Two Weekends...

Happy Wednesday friends!

This is going to be a picture post- for the most part. This week has been full of cleaning, unpacking, and dinner date tonight at the house with Momma and Daddy, TheHotness, and Beaux Jack... I'm hoping to get busy getting the last of the boxes unpacked the rest of the week.

*Here is a glimpse of last weekend in photos...
James' first *official* Mocha Latte... (hot chocolate)

One Jet Setter off to the Air Show

One rained out Jet Setter NOT going to the Air show

One Stud Muffin off to the pool...

Observation that the newly trimmed hedges have *new* growth...

Two StudMuffins at the pool

Two StudMuffins snuggling

Plain Sweet.ness

Said 'Muffins jumping, splashing, flinching... doing it over again countless times


StudMuffins flirting with their Momma... works like a charm!

Sunset walk... 'The Great Grass Hunt'

And one of the coolest shots of the day...

*I've got a few more neat shots I want to tinker with... so maybe I will post those tomorrow. It's late, even for photoshop junkies... off to bed with me!

James' BigBoyBed comes in tomorrow!

Enjoy your Wednesday... The weekend is rounding the corner!

Peace, xo.