Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi friendlies!

I'm still on hold for my computer... I expect it back on Monday... a little later than previously expected. BUT that's okay. I've been liberated with my off.line week!

I've enjoyed knitting up a storm. Bebe stuff of course... and spending time reorganizing and decorating the new casa. So as us teachers say, I've used my time wisely! ;)

I've got lots of things to share and pics to post... but next week! For now, I'm teaching my Saturday class... and I've got a super.bowl shindig tomorrow. So til next time!

Peace, love, and king cake.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am...

*in my very best Mr. Roboto voice*

"I. Will. Be. Out. Of commision. Until Thursday.ish."

computer is on the fritz.... What will I do? Knit!!! And start sewing some blankets and burp rags for bebe.jax.....
I'll miss my morning blog time.. But I'll be back asap!

Peace, love, and homemade pompoms.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yesterday is gone!

We only have today. The hope of tomorrow... and the promise that comes from living in the greatest country on Earth.

Of all the countries in this wide world, only a few celebrate a peaceful change of power. What a privilege it is to be here, present, living our lives in safety and freedom. What an honor it is to have had this day paved for us by thousands of people who have sacrificed, and given more than they ever had to ensure our rights and equalities as Americans.

Today, Barack Obama becomes our President. My President!

James will have witnessed one of the greatest days in American history... a day that will impact his life towards peace, justice, and equality the rest of his life. Jackson will ONLY know this America... where all things are possible.

Enjoy this day, friends. An entire history of a nation has brought us to this providential place.

What a beautiful day! What a beautiful way to live.

Peace, love, and unity,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vicarious... and easy.

Certainly helps with the whole Monday thing.

Jill posted this on her blog... and seeing how I'd like to delay my productivity and stay in the bed a couple of minutes longer... I'm going to take a stab at it.

*I promise to post something later... and soon.

Finish the Sentences

1. I wish I could..... tan in the sun naturally. Crochet. Make meringue cookies in this climate. Adopt from Africa (sooner rather than later).

2. My biggest fear is.... someone, something hurting my child. Being separated from them and not being able to get to him.

3. I hate to..... lock doors. feel patronized. sleep without my favorite blanket.

4. I love.... raspberries. My beautiful To dig my toes under Marcus' legs on the couch. Alton Brown. Knitting. Insects. The way James says 'feather.' and folk music.

5. Today I will.... send Hotness off on business, plant my daffodil bulbs hoping for a late bloom, buy some yarn and a new circular needles, and eat strawberries.

6. Yesterday I ..... went to church. Took pictures of Sydney being baptized. Cried happy tears. And took a long winters nap.

7. My hair is.... perfect. It's the number one vain thing about me. I love my hair. It's super short, spiky, red, and totally me. I could go on for hours....

8. I will never... enjoy Jim Carrey movies. Stop being a mother. Forget to consider other perspectives. Have to feel the way I did before getting my degree.

Okay- off to grind flax seed! And prepare lunch for the Hunks.

See you fellers later! *Oh, and thanks Jill for letting me pirate your stuff and being so nice about it!

Peace, love, and the power of Dreams,

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sunday that came before Monday...

I've been feeling a rush of energy lately. January is turning out to be a *magical* time of year for me. I suppose I've been tooooooo busy with school and life the past few years to really see that. Anywho, that's me at 24 weeks. I'm officially in my THIRD TRIMESTER. I can't believe it. Such a grateful place to be. Bebe.jax will be here in just 12 weeks. Hopefully in three or four weeks I can clearly say "I'm ready." But for now, I'm still preparing for our new boy.

Back to being inspired. I am. Inspired. About life, about my marriage, about my children... my house... my opportunities here in this place. AND I've been inspired develop my photography into something I can use and celebrate more. Yesterday, I carried my camera around with me hoping to capture some of this *fantastic* that's been in the air around here.

Here is the result... a photo.journal of our Sunday.


We find James a lot just playing in his playroom. He loves it here. *I've got plans to complete this room soon.

I got dressed and took a second to photograph my big day: Beginning of my third trimester. I plan on taking many more pics during this time... I regret not celebrating my pregnacy with James. I was still struggling with my miscarriage then... and it just wasn't the same. This time, I feel strong and capable and beautiful. So I hope to take more time documenting my beautiful pregnant body.

James helped me pack away our Nativity. He wanted to hold bebe.Jesus.

Marcus treated us to our favorite

La Mad's...

They were short staffed so one of the cooks actually took our order. We always let James order his own food... meaning, we let him tell the waiter/waitress what he'd like to eat and drink. *It's a pet.peeve of mine to see mothers speak for their 9, 10+ year old children when at a restaurant. I want my kid to know how to talk in all settings. You look them in the eye, you clearly let them know your order, you say thank you. He's been doing this since before he was two. *He just ordered his drink back then... I don't talk for my kid. He's a human being. He knows to look strangers in the eye and speak up. He knows English and is learning to do a great job himself. So anyways, the cook recited his list of choices (the usual, mac and cheese, pbj, pizza, etc) James said, "Ummmmmm..." The cook looked at me. I told him that he's more in to 'real' food... suprised, the cook said, "I know! How about French toast!" Well, that was a winner. James asked for 'french toast wiff some fruit. I'm so so hungry. I could eat an ewwephant. And milk, please." Ring it up. The cook apparently was tickled by the whole exchange. He hand delivered the meal, and told James he cooked it himself with extra fruit and whip cream. It was enough to make the mom in me want to hug him... AND his mother. Look at that delicious plate of goodness! *Another reason why we love this place.

Me? Easy. chicken ceasar with Marcus suprised me with the strawberries romanoff... This pregnancy has made me a fruitatarian. Oh, they were PERFECT. And Mango tea with lots of lemon.

To the grocery for fish oil and king author whole wheat flour and flax... *for bread.

"Momma, take a pitture of my tongue." I've taken pictures of less... why not?

The sunset ride home... it was so grey all day... the clouds were beautiful.

A few celebratory self.portraits... Bebe.jax was just a moving around. I feel beautiful. I read a blog earlier last week... she was explaining how pregnancy can make you feel beautiful; 'the kind of beautiful God intends women to feel.' Yep! I understand that. Completely. I'm happy to share in that feeling. So*So*happy.
*I use to avoid pics inside... the light is always so bad. But I'm beginning to love the dark grainy shots with lots of shadows. I'm learning that 'perfect' shots don't always occur in 'optimal' light, etc.*

Wells, the pics stop here. We fed the boy, bathed him... and to bed he went. I made mexican lattes. Marcus made me one of his incredible paninis with fruit... and then we watched Jack Bauer save the world for two beautiful hours.

Hello week! I've got lots planned for you.

Peace, love, and target.runs.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*Good Stuff*

The past two days have been filled with good things that make me happy. First off, my friend reminded me to set my TIVO to record the second showings of the Planet Earth series... and OH MY GOODNESS... I've never seen anything more spectacular ever on television. Seriously. Those of you that have seen it know what I mean. Those of you who haven't- trust me, you should. I'm telling you... each episode is like a worship service in our living room. God is great and His greatness is ALL AROUND US! The Earth is so much cooler than I ever thought... makes me want to slow down and set my pace closer to noticing these things on my own. It renews my passion to let my boys get dirty, dig in the sand, make a mess... and discover this world by touching, tasting, and smelling. The three of us sit on the couch and watch the tv transfixed on the amazing stuff we see. James' fav is the ocean episode... incredible. Have you ever seen squid eggs? They are the cutest things I've ever seen in my life. I'm just sayin'...

I've had back to back dr.s appt the past two days. Today was my MFM appt. We got to see bebe.jax in fine form! He was kicking and dancing up a storm. It was a beautiful sight. I could see him move real time on the monitor, and feel him wiggle around at the same time... now I know what he looks like when I feel his constant motion. He's fat, happy, and growing perfectly. The choroid plexus cyst he had in the 17 week ultrasound has completely gone away!!! Praise God. No worries here. Thank you all for your kind KIND words of encouragements... the calls, the emails, the comments... and thank you most of all for the sincere prayers for me and this bebe.boy. We 'expected' it to go away... but you never know how worried you really are until the doctor says 'it's all gone!' The rush of relief is overwhelming. *whew* So that is DEF good news.

Other things that qualify as good right now:
Bread machine... GOOOOOOOOOOD stuff.
Crazy windy weather blowing this cold weather in today- James and I played in the wind this morning... running and squealing and pretending like we could fly.
Napping with James Neal... heaven.
And of course, the three.year.old... he's good stuff... mostly. ;)

I described to my sister him being THREE this way: those of you who have ever had a cat... he's like a cat. Loving, precious, attached, smart, curious.... they act this way *most* of the time... but there is some times when he comes out of this room with a look in his eye... roaming, plotting, sorting... waiting for his perfect moment to pounce! That perfect playful look... imagination running wild. Oh, that's THREE!!! No malice... just bright eyed playfulness. Now, that does in fact include mixing 'potions' in the bathroom sink out of various soaps, toothpaste, etc. AND it does include dumping his dresser drawers out on the floor to create a 'pants party.' BUT mostly it just means tromping around the house like a dinosaur hunting prey. Playing for two hours straight at the *new* play kitchen and farmers market stand buying, selling, and cooking heaps and heaps and heaps of delicious things. Climbing the Eiffel Tower and having a picnic on top of raisins and apple wedges dipped in peanut butter. Or backpacking through his favorite country... 'Yourrrip.' And of course, playing doctor and giving me shots in my ear... and checking my ankle's blood pressure.

James has been so vocal starting at 7 months... and since rounding a year old, he's been excellent in communicating with words. He's a talker. And to hear him describe his dreams or his stories or songs... it's amazing. I've always been proud of him reaching milestones- but it's the talking that has been my most *proud* thing he does... maybe that's the ELAR teacher in me. Homeboy can talk!

Three. It's got it's moments, that's for sure! But man, does it have it's perks.

Speaking of perks... take a load of this good.lookin.creature! He's very VERY big on dressing himself, redressing himself, and playing dress.up all together. It's not so much about fashion or choice as it is ALL ABOUT 'by by myself.' You never know what will walk out of that playroom- but one thing is certain. You better have a camera close by. Take a look at this *good stuff.*

There should have been a cole.miner in the Village People. And don't worry about the lacing string around his neck. I took a quick three minutes of pics, the promptly gave him a talking to about things around his neck... but I had to grab the photographic evidence first... could you blame me?

I'm nearly ready to start readying our house for bebe.jax. ETA to start is Feb. 1st. Can't wait!!!

Peace, love, and silly.looking.belly.buttons,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday

Jill's post had me jonesin to join in... why not? It's Monday, I've been to my early morning dr's appt, now I'm unwinding from that and putting off cleaning the kitchen. BLOG TIME!

Do you have any idiosyncrasies or unusual quirks when it comes to food and/or eating?

I'm a fast eater now that I'm a mom. I use to savor each bite... now I keep one eye on the toddler, and the other on my meal. AND I'm really big on only eating free range organic chicken eggs (and other free range milk/meat). I grew up with chickens... they're awesome... and they deserve to be able to stand up, stretch their wings, and turn around. The food I eat is the most important physical part of my life. It's our fuel... what keeps us alive. Cute clothes are important, but IMO feeding our bodies the best food available is more important. Plus, I'm a mom now. James can't feed himself- that's my job. So, everything that goes in to his body affects his future... what? Am I suppose to just not care? Oh, I get it- I could use the 'well we ate that way and we turned out alright' mantra. No thanks. Not my choice. Life's too short. And besides, it's like what? No more than a buck more per dozen? Totally worth it.

Have you ever written love letters?

Absolutely. I'm a writer! So, that means I do this a lot. When Marcus was in Iraq for 14 months, I wrote him love letters every single day... and he wrote them back to me. I love to express myself through words- one of my favorite things to do... plus it's free! I want the man I'm with to think he's the luckiest beau in the world... so I make a habit to write sincere love letters to him. Now that we are parents, they've taken on a more intimate and deep tone... we've got more to love for, I guess. But then again, when kids come along I suppose there are three ways your relationship can go: 1. Too busy to notice 2. I feel sorry for myself because you should be doing more. or 3. Through your love, you've given me something I could have never manufactured for myself... the ultimate gift in life... come here you big strong man, you! *We are a three... we work like hell each day to stay there. Plus, authentic words of love, encouragement, and admiration are SO APPRECIATED once you become a parent. So, we do this a lot. And the best part is, it's reciprocal. I love how he thinks about me... and the words he uses to tell me his thoughts. Big gallute.

If so, do you still have any of them?

When he was overseas, he kept both mine and his in a binder together... a scrapbook of love letters... he gave the binder to me on our first anniversary. It's in one of those huge 4" binders. *sweet*

How easy or difficult is it for you to say you're sorry?

Not hard for me. Generally, my motivation is never to hurt anyone... so if things go south, I'm okay with saying I'm sorry for that. With James and Marcus, I'm particularly okay with it. I make mistakes... a lot. I want them to know that I love them fully- and in loving them like that, sometimes I make mistakes... but that's okay because I'm love them so deeply that I will always take responsibility for my actions. The best part is that they love me enough in return to forgive me.

***Went to my ridiculously.good.looking.OB.dr today. Bebe.Jax has a strong little heartbeat... and I look fine. Right on target. The bebe moves constantly now... seriously, constantly. Even when the dr. was measuring my belly and getting the heartbeat, he was kicking around for attention. It was cute. I love feeling him so active. It's magical. I've begun to take video of my stomach bouncing all around. One day, I'll cherish those little clips of bebe.movement. I can't wait to have my three boys all under one roof! I've got lots to post about the BeauxJack. He's a mess these days... totally three and spectacular. He's given up old habits, and started new ones. He's still coming off his Christmas and Birthday HIGH... it's precious and unnerving all at the same time. Marcus is back to work today. What a fantastic last three weeks! I love him... and I love him most for all the time he spends with us. I spent the last two days recouping from the holidays, two sets of company, 68 teenagers, a birthday, and new years. I've got a house to clean and undecorate- but no rush. I'm taking it one step at a time. I need to post a belly pic soon... I've blossomed!

Okay- that's that. Thanks Jill for the 'maniac monday' ditty.

***Oh, and HEY PEOPLE! Start posting new blogs, please! I'm ready to read!!!

Peace, love, and ice water.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New.Years.Rez List

1. Find a home church for the fam.

2. Make our own bread.

3. Finish James' room.

4. Finish the PlayRoom.

5. Have the Bebe's nursery done... by March.ish.

6. Get rugs for the house.

7. Have curtains made.

8. Revive yee.ole.To.Do list again... haven't used them since graduation.

9. Read Twilight.

10. Learn to crochet.

11. Expand my photography on a more professional level.

***and prolly more.

I can't stop wondering, praying, and thinking about what 2009 will bring our family. I'll have a new bebe to love and nurse and hold. We are ready for this... we worked so hard to get here to this moment. We have so much to hope for.

Peace, love, and fresh bread.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clean Sweep

I can feel the rush of the New Year! I feel compelled to clean and organize and get started on some of those projects I've put off since moving in. BUT before I launch in to the new year, I'm going to finish up with those Christmas pics/Birthday pics I promised.

So here we are... freeze framed.

*All our holiday company has gone home... we spent the day lounging around the house. So nice. Thanks to all for sharing their holiday tidbits... so much fun to see and share in. Now, on to a new year.

Peace, love, and