Friday, May 28, 2010


Yep, I'm back... briefly.

I can honestly say that the past two months time has been flying forward at warp speed. Perhaps this is Sign One that I am truly an adult. Our little birds are getting bigger and have begun new things like Tball and Almost.There.Walking. To highlight our busy schedule, the MommaBird has taken on more than ever before- a booming creative cottage business through her photography, and summer classes have begun at the Driving School. I can't say NO to any of our obligations because well, I love each one too much to choose a favorite. AND we are managing just fine through it all. :)

I miss writing though. I want to share more than just hasty updates thrown together over morning coffee... I want to write. Draft, revise, publish. I want the PROCESS of writing again. BUT I'm not gonna sweat it at this point.

June is my Big Month. Four classes of teenagers. Loads of editing and shoots galore. My plan? Gather up my courage, keep things in perspective, delegate, and keep the java flowing. I'll work my way through it- and take it easyish in July and August.

Life is good. I turned 29 years old this past Monday. In that 24 hour span, 29 years after I arrived on this planet, I did three things I love with all of my heart: teaching. photography. and was a mother to my boy.joys. It's hard to believe that in my life, the things that I love most... my childhood dreams have come true. I've reached those goals and am working hard to meet more.

I have stories to share! My crazy furniture story! To make it short and sweet- I ran across a circa1940's dining room set of furniture while antique shopping with my mom (a little pre-birthday day.away). Bakelite knobs. Beautiful details. Incredible price. I loved it, Marcus knew it, and two days later it showed up at my house looking for a good home. Who said dining room furniture was for the Dining Room? I've turned one piece into a furniture cabinet in my bedroom. I love our little nest. And I love that it looks like us around here.

The boys are well! James finished up his first Tball season on a high.note. He was awarded the Game Ball- and it was a beautiful thing. I'm not sure he's ever wanted a single thing more in this life than that Game Ball... it would even show up in his prayers from time to time. :) As proud as I am of our first.born, I'm even prouder of his daddy. It was Marcus' first time coaching something like this- and I can honestly say that 12 little boys here in Zachary were encouraged by the kindest and most capable Coach around. It's amazing how his temperament and makes him uniquely suited to mentor kids. I couldn't have been any prouder... of BOTH boys.

Jackson is growing before our eyes! He's something else, in fact. He's talking up a storm and walking everywhere (as long as there is a finger to hold on to). He has been ready to walk for a month, standing and sitting without any assistance at all. BUT he refuses to strike out on his own without help. Hard.headed, that on. And SMART!

I'm teaching next week- then will be off for a week. I hope to catch back up soon...
Until then, here are a couple of images from the past week or so. :)

***Thanks for the emails and comments fussing at me to update. Makes me smile!

Peace, love, and!

Friday, May 21, 2010 : { Baton Rouge, Louisiana Photographer }

Oh! It's been nearly a week since we've been back from Texas and I haven't updated the bloggity.

A sign of the times for sure.

Our trip was fantastic. I slept, I shopped, I found vintage treasures, I got some date.time in with theHotness. Yea for Texas! :)

So- I updated my website with recent material from a handful of different shoots. Lately I've shot a lot of children sessions- so be sure to check out the 'Sprouts' tab. BUT there are heaps of new photographs in each category. Stop by and check them out! And if you want to say "Hi" drop some Contact love my way. :)

See that cute little polaroid button there to the right? -> Click it to view my site.

I've had LOTS of questions lately regarding Maternity and Newborn sessions. I need to start a photography blog and create a FB fan page- but until then, let me answer a few questions here.

When should I schedule a maternity shoot? What point in my pregnancy photographs best?

-Pregnancy is a crazy thing- and affects us expecting mother's all differently.
When I was pregnant I went through THREE distinct phases:
1.) I just look chubby.
2.) Perfectly.Pregnant
3.) Strutted.and.Swollen.don'' pregnant.

So, I would say when YOU feel beautifully pregnant- let's do the session. Even if your bump isn't planet big yet--- but you feel beautiful in your own skin. I find that most women reach that perfectly.pregnant mark between week 27 - 32. *Contact me early so I can work you into my schedule.

I really want newborn portraits. How does that work? When should I book you and when/where do they take place?

-For infant photography I want to shoot within the first 7 days of birth. Anything up to two weeks would 'work' but TRUST ME, the earlier the better! They grow so fast and soon become very alert. For those peaceful, sleeping, curly bebe shots- let's shoot for any daytime within the first week.

-My infant photography takes place at your home. I bring the equipment I need to provide a variety of 'styles' there while you are tucked into the comfort of your own nest. *if you prefer location shoots for your infant, let's talk and see how we can maximize that style, without being too intrusive to the needs of the Tiny One.

-We can't schedule bebies. I've tried with my own- but they come when they come, inspite of my planning. :) I've been booking upwards of 2 months in advance (with a few exceptions) so CONTACT ME as soon as possible of your desires for a newborn shoot--- even if your due date is 4 or 6 months away- that way I can pencil your desires in during a month before your due date, just in case bebe surprises us early.

I want some mustard.seed Love. How early do I need to schedule my session?

-As soon as you know mustard.seed is for you... or as soon as you think it could be for you, let me know! I can give you an idea what my calendar looks like and will save the date of your choice. BUT more importantly, it will open up our communication and vision towards planning the perfect shoot for you and/or your family.

With a little time and deliberate planning, we can really create something special together. ***Right now I'm booked a month and a half out- with a couple of spots still available. Contact me ASAP for sessions in June/July- bc I only have select spots left. If you want to schedule FALL sessions, email now to get first dibs on dates.

A HUGE thank you to all of the mustard.seed supporters out there! Your little notes of encouragement serve as HUGE sources of inspiration as I refine my vision as a photographer. I'm just like you- 'cept with a camera and a of passion for documenting the Extraordinary that is right under our noses.

It's not about creating something beautiful- because the creation is already done, spectacular, and has very little to do with US. It has to do with sincerely documenting the Spectacular that we've been entrusted with:

Your engagement. Your marriage. Your man. Your journey towards Motherhood. The miracle of birth. Your child. The connection between siblings. Your journey towards adulthood. The celebration of Seniors. The things you love. The people you love. The life you love.

That's what is about. Your story and the Bounty within that story.

Take a minute to peruse my website!

Feel free to contact me and say "Hello."

peace, love, and vision.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A quick note before we head out...

Mother's day was like honey. It was just the thing I needed to remind me how the best things in life are right under my nose (or feet, rather). I woke up easy... was greeted with coffee and breakfast in bed... cards from each of my boys... some that sang songs, some that said really sincere things. Each being just right.

Then we headed out for a sword fight at NaNa's. James and NaNa have perfected their pirate play- and nothing beats watching them while sitting on the couch sipping coffee, adding the occasional motherly 'okay, now that's getting too rough' comment.

We met our favorite girls for a Mother's Day dinner at our favorite place then went to spend the evening downtown watching the sunset and letting the kids (husbands included) roll around in the grass and play ball. *Yes, there is always some sort of ball involved. I don't even pack one- it's just never out of reach from my boys for some reason.

theHotness insisted on bringing the camera along bc it's his tradition to grab a few 'momma and bebe' pics on Mother's Day. He thinks about these things... and he's actually really good at handling the 'big camera' and getting some good shots. I love that deliberate side of him.

So we ended our day doing what we do best: laughing, loving, and chasing down children.

It was perfection.

Here are a few shots I couldn't help but process before we head out. I love them all.

OH! A beautiful day... Just what this little momma needed. :)

Now, off to Texas for a spell. Not sure if I'm gonna blog while I'm away... But you'll see me again when we get home. :)

Peace, love, and vintage.baton.rouge.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Motherhood... it's just the best, really.

Oh! Today is Mother's Day. :)

It's a little built in day that Marcus and I reserved from our crazy schedule these past month or so...

I'm sitting here, in my robe, posting a few sneak.peeks from a beautiful maternity shoot... wrapping up a few client proofs... bebies napping... and a hot bath waiting in the back for me.

Life is good. :)

I've got amazing friends... women who build me up and push me forward. Women who grab my bebies as they make a break for the front door. Women who send me little notes of encouragement. Funny chics. Pretty chics. Hard.core.Momma chics. Pregnant chics who are new to this club. Oh!

I feel supported.
I feel strong.
I feel as hopeful as I have ever been in my life.

And that's due to my God. My incredibly.dreamy and ultra.strong husband- my secret ingredient behind all that I do. My girls. My sisters. My boys- the steady joy and purpose I feel AND all the mustard.seed mommas and bebies and families that inspire me to work hard, be brave, and make my dreams come true.

Here I am at 28... on the verge of 29- and I just feel like I'm livin' it! Everything I've ever wanted... and so much promise on the horizon.

Perspective is everything.
Life is in the details.
And I can feel it in my bones.

We will be celebrating Mother's Day for the next week in Houston. Oh, sweet Houston. I will be taking a break from my mustard.seed goodness to enjoy some insulated time with Marcus and the boys and our friends. Oh! I'm looking forward to that. Dinners out. Hopping around town with the boys and our Favorites during the day. A belated family party for Jax... Date nights alone with theHotness, my sweet Manly. And best of all: no laundry. no cleaning. no cooking. and no distractions. :) BRING IT.

Can't leave you without something beautiful! Sooo...

Here are a few sneaks from a recent maternity shoot.
Simply put, motherhood is amazing.
This mother is going to be amazing.
And it's just an overwhelming honor to have been the one to document it all...

Isn't she just amazing? Gosh, it's going to be hard to be away from these images for a whole week--- Loved how they turned out.

Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible women out there. You've answered the highest calling... and our world is a better, safer, more beautiful place because of your love, courage, and commitment. Thank you. :)

Peace, Love, and

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

theDuckling's 1st Birthday

Oh, I have so much to share! Celebrations mostly. Life has been full to the brim of beautiful happenings for our little family and for those around us we love most of all. Oh, we've been busy!

This past Sunday, we celebrated out littlest's first birthday. Yes, theDuckling is now ONE. And what better way to celebrate than by inviting our favorite people over to share in the fun?

The theme?

Our boy, of course. Yep, the sweetest littleDuckling known 'round these parts.

The goodies?

Lots of old fashioned homemade deliciousness...

The cakes!

The precious party.folk!

The birthday boy in all his splendor!

After it was all said and done, guest were sent away with leftovers and wildflower seeds to plant at home. It was a beautiful day and it marked a huge milestone for our little family... Jackson Briggs is ours. He's still new and we still marvel at our little boy. James' eyes bat back tears anytime his best brother falls or is corrected in any way for that matter... I bat back the same watery.eyes when I see my boys go through their days together bonding as brothers and best friends.

We are in a good pattern right now. Everything fits just right. We aren't complete. Not yet... she's still out there for us to find. And mothering my precious boys each day proves to me that we have plenty of Love to go around.

I'll be 29 soon... and I'm overwhelmed when I think of how far I have come... and how pushed down and packed together my blessings have been. The most humbling feeling in the world. :)

Thanks to all my friends and loved ones who celebrated with us. My life is made sweeter by your contribution to my little life. I love my boys- but it's a crazy feeling to have yall love them, too.

Peace, love, and birthday.boys.