Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our little Love Fest... in our Love Nest.

This may have been my favorite Valentine's day yet... which is a funny declaration considering we never left the house.  But it's true.  My favorite so far.

Is it strange to say that we are still growing into our marriage?  It has been 7 years... and 10 years together.  Two kids later, and I still feel like we are reaching new levels as a couple.  I love that.  Even though I didn't buy into that whole 'ball and chain' idea back when we got married, I think I still subconsciously thought I'd have to give up certain elements of our relationship post matrimony.  A little of the passion... a little of the fire.  Maybe? 
My tummy use to be flat and tight when we met... when we married.  So pretty, in fact, that I thought it necessary to hang a little crystal stud from the top peak of my belly button.  Silly girl.  That same stomach expanded to accommodate a 9 lb bebe... then back again... only to expand again to hold another 8 pounder... then back again.  That tummy is softer now.  Sometimes, I wear tight camis underneath just to help soften the line where my jeans stop and my real body begins.  My body has changed a bit in other areas, too.  I gave life to two children, then my body nursed and sustained them as they grew strong and vigorous.  Needless to say, I don't hang a crystal from my belly button anymore.  I cringe at the idea that my shirt may not be long enough to cover my mid.section as I lean over to pick up Jax's socks that always seem to end up off his feet and on the floor.  I'm softer, curvier, and I feel sexier now, too.  Who would have thought? 

All of this to say, as I stare "Thirty" square in the face, I feel bettr in my own skin today, then I ever did as a 20 year old.  And that's just plain weird.  But it's true!  And it's all because of these boys of mine... two little spectacular creatures that came from me and Marcus.  They grew up with us, as we grew together.  And it's because of my husband... who seems to see only me.  His hands just as grabby and boyish as they have always been.  And I love it.  He's quick to pull me close to kiss and squeeze and whisper in my ear.  The boys see it all the time... Love really does lives here in this little nest.  And it's not short in the areas that I was sure we'd lose once the kids came along.  We have a full measure of it all... and I still can't get enough of my man. 

Valentine weekend I managed to have a full MSP schedule but I was able to whip up some sweets for my Sweets.  I love to bake.  The hours in the kitchen just fade away... I love being in the center of my home mixing and spooning and rolling things along while the boys play underfoot.  It feels right to me.  I love swatting theHotness away as he reaches in for finger.fulls of icing.  I love him swarming about as I make my "Pretties" pile and my "Uglies" pile.  He gladly eats up those that just don't make the cut. 

 Raspberry Linzertorts & White Chocolate Sugar Cookies

 Raspberry Wedding cupCakes topped with a little ribbon rose...

 Forty beautiful tulips in shades of pinks and reds

and more cupcakes.. xo! ;)

It was an easy weekend full of cooking, gifting, pictures of our boys... time for us to celebrate everything we have together as a couple of kids who have a couple of kids.

Thank you for my goodies, Bay.  Nothing in this world beats being yours.  You notice.  You remember.  Your efforts are tireless.  With you, nothing is out of reach... anything is possible.  And that's the feeling I get to wake up to each morning.
 I love my set of beautifully commissioned tea rose bracelets... they feel so pretty and delicate on my wrist. 
 The most perfect MSP camera strap...
 paired with my *dream* shootsac camera bag. 

And then there are our boys... our sweet sweet boys.  In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I grabbed a few pictures of our little hunks. 

They are little Hearthrobs! 

In a world where the grass always seems to be greener, I'm happy I've found my home here with these men.  I love receiving their affections and tending them day in and day out.  And if truth be told, I'd love a whole house full of Whitty men... *Marcus, are you listening?  I do believe we shouldn't stop here... 

After 10 years of Valentine's Day with my valentine... I believe this one tops the charts. 

Peace, love, and chocolate pie.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Away They Go!!!

A couple weekends ago my darling Carla Carley and her beau went to a local Mardi Gras Ball.  They go every year but with a huge stroke of 2011 Luck, her mother was unable to keep their bebe girl for them over night.  This is where I come in.  I've been bonded to this bebe girl since she was just a bump on her momma's belly... I've watched her grow and our family collectively have fallen madly in love with her.  Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to have a big slumber party with our girl so her parents could have a night away! 

But before they went, Carley and I got to play dress up.  I helped her with her hair and makeup... then snapped a few prom pictures before they left.  It's not every day a SAHM gets to get all glitzed and glamed up... OR get to be the one to break out lavender eye shadow and play makeup artist.  I enjoyed every bit!  Carley looked lovely!  By the time they left out, the sun had set... so I had to make due inside under artificial light.  Here are a few pics of my girl and her handsome beau...

Aren't they beautiful!?!?!  That's why little.miss.A is so adorable. 

We had a fun slumber party that night, then we put all three bebies to bed and I made theHotness homemade oatmeal raisin cookies while we watched a show on the couch.  It felt so good to have THREE bebies in our nest that night.  And THREE bebies underfoot in the kitchen as we all rocked out to U2.  And THREE bebies that morning to come jump into the bed for a snuggle.  What can I say?  Our nest is meant to hold a little more love... I'm certain of it.  And speaking of Love, here are a few surprise Valentine pics I took of A for her momma and daddy. 

Oh, I just love this spunky thing!  And I LOVE that her momma and daddy trust me enough to keep while they are away.  That's a big step!  And I know just what it means... So thanks, Carla.  I love you and your family like my very own. 

*More Vday pics of our little Love.Nest.Celebration to come soon.  Right now, I'm in the midst of A Sick House:  Week 3.  But we did our fair share of loving/celebrating... and nose.blowing. 

peace, love, and a whole.lotta.pretty.