Thursday, June 18, 2009

H'Oh my goodness!

(my iPhone view shows this pic being cropped along Jackson's face... Click the image for a full view. Technology. Go figure...)
Hi loves.

So sorry for being MIA. I have not been off gallivanting... Or dug down elbow deep in the sand on a beach somewhere sipping a corona with lime. No, I have not been traipsing through small towns on some random road trip to see America... Or cuddled up in some bed under battenburg lace sheets with a balcony view at a sweet bed and breakfast. Nope.

Ive been here. With my boys. Yes, all three of them. The kicker is- I've been computer.less. I mean, I AM computer.less. And computer.less is how I'll stay until Yes, I'm annoyed but that really doesn't help things. Another windows update has corrupted my operating systems. Some dell technician will solve my problem one day. *sigh*

For now, I sew. I nurse. I make forts. I do dinner. I kiss boys all day. Oh, gardening and photshoots included. Oh!!! And nights spent watching the College World Series... *love.* Yes. That's it really.

So life is good. Just a little less "connected.". And that's not always a bad thing. Maybe when I'm back online I'll do a post a day or something... But for now I'll leave y'all with the above pic taken by Lola, the supersexy iPhone. I'm publishing this from said iPhone- so forgive me. I'm not in my groove. ;)

Peace, love, and 13 lbs. 7 week old infants... Who smile... On PURPOSE!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'll take it!

SOoooo the two biggest boys are heading out for a guys weekend. Which means I will be left behind with theDuckling. Yep, just me and ole Harvey... with nothing in the world to do other than cuddle, love, nurse, coo at each other.

No I won't be tending the laundry or the house... No meat. No toy.picking.upping. Just me and jax, veggies (momma's garden is just coming in... bliss), sewing, shopping, and processing images until the very weeee hours of the night. This doesn't quite qualify as 'me time' but it's as good as I ever let it get. So, I'll take it!

On another note, guess who's six weeks old?

Yes. My beautiful Jackson is six weeks and a day. He's focusing on faces, mobiles, turning his head to our voices... and cooing. It's as magical the second time around. He is such a gift to us...

Who am I kidding? I already miss my men already. I've already caved... and they haven't even kissed me goodbye! That's my life. And... I love it.

Peace, love, and grilled bebe.squash,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Oh, it's late. Too late for a nursing mom of a newborn to be up. "Sleep when the bebe is sleeping." Or in this case, beb(ies.) But that's become a problem for me lately. See, I'm bursting at the seams with creative ideas. Inspiration over.load. Certainly not a 'problem' so to speak. If only there were enough hours in the day to get to it all...

You see I'm a proud new mother to my very own embroidery machine. *sigh* I still can't believe it. I mean, I wanted one for my birthday- but I certainly didn't think I'd actually get one...

Needless to say the laundry seems even more like a chore now that I have that beauty sitting on the table. I've had a blast personalizing the kid's things... and have tons of ideas for the future.


*I still have to brace myself for this one* I'm the proud new owner to Adobe Photoshop CS2. Yea!!! I've wanted this program for years and years and years. Well, ever since I stepped into the world of DSLR photography. And now it's in my clutches!!!

***nursing break***

Okay, I better end this post soon- since I'm on.the.clock before the next feeding. But I should have the time to post more soon. The big.boys are heading to Texas this weekend for Astros baseball, golf, and time. I should have 3ish days to creatively exhaust myself. Sooo looking forward to that.

But before I go, another quick pic of theDuckling I took today. More to come laters!

Peace, love, and pregnancy.brain,