Friday, May 20, 2011

He's Home!

I think it's pretty... but it will be nice to get things cleaned up again. 
For the last 7ish weeks theHotness has been away on business.  He would drive in on the weekends for a day before heading out again or in some crazy instances he'd drive from Texas after lunch straight to James' Tball game in the afternoon then head out again after to go back to work... nuts.  But that's what you do for love.  :) 

I'm so happy he's home.  Our garage no longer has bags and bags of garbage waiting to go out.  *His job.  And I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate it when we mow our lawn again. *Again, his job  :) 

It's a good day in our nest... James is getting out of school next week.  YEA!!!  Marcus is now back to working in BR.  And I'm a'turnin 30.  We've got lots to look forward to. 

***Oh, and thanks Melissa for the blogging picture tips!!!  I don't think I've gotten everything figured out... but the images are muuuuch better for starters.  Thanks so much!!!

Peace, love, and green.

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Melissa said...

YAY! I'm so glad it helped! I love your new look, too! The header is too cute!!

YAY for hubby being home!!! :)