Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh No! Pink Eye!?!?!

Day Three of Allergic Conjunctivitis... allergy induced pink eye.  

Whoa is me!!!

Oh his sweetness knows no boundaries... See his swollen red eyes?  Since treating a 2 year old with eye drops is nearly impossible, we've gone rogue. 

I'm treating it three ways.  1.)  wiping the crusties off with a paper towel drenched in warm coffee... yep, coffee. It's a remedy I found online a few years ago.  It works and I promise it doesn't burn.  I've tried it myself. 

2.)  Rinsing his eyes with soft contact solution... It's bigger than the prescription bottle eye drops, making it easier to handle and squeeze with a squirmy, ANGRY bebe.  I lay him back shirtless on a folded towel, cross his arms over his chest. I pin his arms down with one arm and hold his forehead with the other hand and either have theHotness stream the solution over/into his eyes or I try to manage it myself.  It's not an exact science... which is nice considering the thrashing and screaming that results from said treatment.  :(  But, of course, it's over in a matter of seconds and the tears stop as quickly as they start.  *whew* 

3.) Our favorite and most non.traumatic treatment!  Hot baths with LOTS of bubble blowing.  I've read that warm compresses are good for pink eye.  Something about the heat kills 'the bugs' aka bacterial that causes it... plus it's soothing to the scratchy, itchy feeling.  At night I can sit and read a book covering one eye at a time with a warm, wet rag... but during the day we take 2 hot baths- one in the morning to loosen the crusties/heat the eye area without turning into an angry bebeBeast (thus making me crave a morning mimosa!) and another before bed when the swelling/goop returns. 

Can you tell which is my favorite remedy?  :)

Plus this pink eye also works hand in hand with a green nose and cough... it's been a brutal allergy season for us and our little nest. 
After.bath necked time... what?  yall don't do that?  Another favorite time of the day...

As a mom, you never know what the next day will bring... or which nights you'll get to sleep without interruption.  But I can say without question, even in the thick of it, there is Beauty in the trenches... Purpose for the weary... Hope on the horizon... and JOY just under the surface.  Don't miss it. 
Peace, love, and boric acid.


Dianna Grado said...

Seriously, cutest freaking little guy ever! And I have a cute guy myself. You could just eat him up, pink crusty eye and all.
I just love your pics...wish I had the ability to capture life's moments as artistically (sp?) as you do.

Erica said...

He's so freakin' cute!

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Stumbleine said...

Very good photos!

Lệ Quân Mạnh said...

Bé dễ thương quá ..chúc hạnh phúc..